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Meet Sarah

Her hope for her couples is that they look forward to the wedding and marriage with optimism, joy, and hope while representing that joy in the designs she creates.

Sarah Rae Designs has a passion and heart for serving people while making floral dreams come true. Sarah strives to bring joy while creating something unique and meaningful. She loves to compliment the environment with the highest-quality flowers that are artfully designed while expressing each couple.

Honoring the seasons by choosing flowers accordingly is very important to her. Sarah loves to work with local flower farmers to support them as well while bringing uniquely special flowers to each design. 

Sarah grew up on a farm surrounded in nature where she felt the most peace and joy. She dreamed of owning her own business even at a young age that she called “Sarah’s Pink Paradise.” She combined her passions for art, design, helping people and nature, to make “Sarah Rae Designs”. 

Sarah named the business “Sarah Rae Designs” as a tribute to her grandmother “Rae” who she is named after. Rae was her constant support, cheerleader, biggest fan, and first investor. La Vie en Rose was their favorite song as they both believe to live life through hope and optimism. Sarah takes that same motto and intertwines it into her flower design, artistry and daily life.

The designer

- Theresa

" I’m so grateful for her thoughtfulness."

from the heart of past clients

Her calm and easy-going demeanor put me at ease. Seeing her designs and arrangements day off was such a fun surprise! I knew the general direction we were heading based on my inspiration photos, but letting Sarah bring her personal flair and expertise to the flowers- especially my bridal bouquet- truly blew me away! We couldn’t have been more pleased with how everything turned out. 

thoughtful and attentive, a servant's heart

"la vie en rose" mentality 

high quality product

artistic design

excellent customer service  

our core values

Whimsical. Chic. Artistic.

kentucky based wedding floral designer